Cozy and present, I’ve never underlined – being present, more than ever! With social media taking over, and with what’s going on with the world. It’s easy to be drowned with the noise and loose ourselves. So let’s stop for a moment and cheat time.

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We’ll talk about making that tidbit move that’s sustainable: home management solutions, mindfulness techniques, mom fitness journey, easy meals, and some me time – creative sketches.

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Creative Space

Coming Soon! As a graphic design student I love creating new materials and experimenting textures. It can be a challenge creating that space for creative work and your little one growing up. I’d like to debunk those challenges and create your A-team for a better routine.

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Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

I enjoy learning more about my camera an Olympus Pen and Apple Phone, exploring digital drawing, and creating websites.

On my break, I’ll be in the kitchen with my bub and exploring new recipes or create DIY crafts. 

About Me

I love science and smart hacks with anything I do – I’m a nerd. Feel free to navigate, and I hope to hear your experiences too.

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