Best Amazon educational toys for toddlers

What are the best toys for toddlers nowadays? There are so many to choose from. As things haven’t normalised yet and playgroups aren’t back. We are all looking for a set that will make homeschooling fun, affordable, and educational! As I skimmed through Amazon I found 5 and the rest are second-hand toys, from ages 12 months onwards.

I wanted to find ones that are worth buying and easily stacked! So I came up with 5. The toys were carefully picked to enhance learning, fun, and mainly develop fine and gross motor skills. The good thing about it is that you might enjoy playing with some of the toys. Wink. Always ensure their safety at all times and careful supervision is a must as any activity.

Some of the links in the post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you. If you decide to purchase any of the items, and you click through and make a purchase, it will help the creator of the blog.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set. It has a Velcro self-stick tab that can be easily replaced when it wears out, and it makes a scrunchy sound when sliced. This was my bubs favourite of all the toys, and of course toy cars and trains! The toy teaches them of a part and whole concept and can be easily stacked away once done.

Wooden car or train. We found a good IKEA wooden train set and a mix of second-hand car toys. I always keep them accessible to him. Stack his favourite toys in a corner on a bedside table furniture and he could help himself.

Magnetic Building Tiles. There are a lot of varieties and you can build so many things in it. You can even add some more tiles as they grow older and build different things. The label recommends 3-year-olds and above, but with supervision, you can make it fun and safe. Just make sure that the tiles don’t have any loose parts.

Skip Hop Zoo Pull and Go Submarine. I tried to check this again, and it’s sold out on Amazon! It’s the best value of the submarine toys and was sold out like pancakes! The one from Munchkin is an alternative. It teaches the concept of sinking and floating, and cause and effect. My little one loves it as it has a pull string mechanism that runs the propeller! If your little one doesn’t love bathing, this toy will likely change his mind.

Play-doh. I mentioned this as an all-time favourite on my previous blog. Check out how the Incremental Mama activity suggestions with Play Dough for ultimate play dough experience.

Activity Board. This is such a cool idea as even my 21-month-old son likes to open and close any of our items at home. So I searched an activity board that will also allow him to learn zippers and buttons. Later on, it will teach them dressing up and putting on shoes and belts. If you have a toddler that is not fond of car seats. This neat thing can distract him whilst you fasten their seatbelt and for a fun activity in the car apart from cartoons.

Author: Ana

I’m Ana, a first-time mum who shares tech, parenting experiences and life hacks. I spend my time with my two boys hubby Mark and little boy Phillip. When my baby’s asleep I’m working on videos for Youtube. I post weekly videos on loads of different topics such as tech stuff, parenting, cooking, our daily routine, my fitness journey, interracial family life, hygge (aka a danish way of living simply and cosily...) and life hacks.

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