My Story –

I started ‘Soul and Orange’ a few years back before my little man arrived. I was a freelance Junior Assistant back then but SO didn’t go to fruition just a year ago. Now I’m a full time mom, who does part-time blogging and volunteering. So, a little bit about me (pun intended). A Filipina expat in the UK, with an interracial family – Polish, Filipino. My life was all about the life of a nurse, but found my passion in design, management, and creative content. As the uneventful pandemic arrived, somehow SO came to life!

You are not alone. I’ve been seeing this phrase everywhere. Not only is it a timely fortune cookie but it also applies as a parent. But just by knowing we’re not alone – it all makes it a little bit easier. We’ll exploring parenting and self-development together and embrace the chaos in life and some quiet of course.

I still find parenting so surreal up to this point. I always thought that mothering wasn’t for me. Never have I ever thought of having a little one for fears. But boy, oh boy was I glad that he arrived! A tough journey but the most important job ever.

To the love of my life, Mark and my boy, Phillip and books!

Love and light,

Let’s work together.

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